Asset Adequacy Analysis Practice Note Work Group

The Asset Adequacy Test Practice Note Work Group is charged with reviewing the answers from the recent SOA survey on Asset Adequacy Analysis; reviewing the most recent version of a practice note to remove practice that is no longer relevant and update it to add new/more current practice from the survey results that can be found at

Staff liaison: Ian Trepanier

Chairperson: Jeff Lortie
Jeffrey Altman
Sophia Dao
Pamela Hutchins
Nick Komissarov
Donald Krouse
Russell Menze
Chern Ng
David Ramsey
David Ruiz
William Sayre
Jo Stephenson
Donald Walker
Xiaobo Zhou

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Asset Adequacy Analysis Practice Note Work Group practice note assists actuaries who are faced with the requirement of asset adequacy analysis by providing examples of common approaches. (September 26, 2017)
Work Group Releases Practice Note on Asset Adequacy Analysis