Life Valuation Committee

The Life Valuation Committee proactively seeks to provide actuarial support, advice, and communication on life insurance topics that involve the valuation of life insurance and annuity products. The committee addresses issues that involve the valuation of, and support for the valuation of, statutory and tax reserves for these products. The committee also provides support to the Life Financial Reporting Committee on GAAP reserve issues.

Staff liaison: Ian Trepanier

Chairperson: Jason Kehrberg

Brian Bayerle
Benjamin Bock
Thomas Campbell
Katie Cantor
Matthew Coleman
Christopher Conrad
Richard Daillak
Robert DiRico
Paul Hance
Judith Hanna
Laura Hanson
David Hippen
Stephen Krupa
Jeffrey Lortie
Leonard Mangini
John Miller
Colleen Murray
David Neve
Christopher Olechowski
David Ramsey
Sonia Reigles
James Reiskytl
Linda Rodway
Karen Rudolph
Benjamin Slutsker
Randall Stevenson
Sheldon Summers
Connie Tang
James Thompson
Xiaobo Zhou

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