Health Practice Council

The Health Practice Council oversees the Academy’s public policy work on health issues, including Medicare. The Academy’s vice president for health issues heads the council and serves on the Academy Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The Council consists of committee and workgroup chairs and liaisons to other Academy groups working on issues of relevance to the Health Practice.

Staff liaison: David Linn
ASB Liaisons: Donna Novak, Robert Damler
Professionalism Liaison: Alfred Bingham

Chairperson: Shari Westerfield
Vice Chairperson: Laurel Kastrup, Audrey Halvorson

Joseph Allbright
Alfred Bingham
Joyce Bohl
April Choi
Tim Deno
Colleen Driscoll
Barbara Klever
Michael Nordstrom
Susan Pantely
Adam Reese
Allen Schmitz
John Schubert
Bruce Stahl
Michael Thompson
Cori Uccello
Thomas Wildsmith

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