Life & Health Valuation Law Manual

The Life and Health Valuation Law Manual is designed to help appointed actuaries know the requirements of the NAIC model Standard Valuation Law and the Model Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation.
Order the 2018 Life & Health Valuation Law Manual now. The manual will be available for delivery in late January. 

The Manual includes:
  • A concise summary of the valuation laws of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico;
  • Current topics section outlining key valuation developments and specific state guidance;
  • Copies of current NAIC model laws and regulations that have an effect on reserve calculations;
  • A discussion of generally distributed interpretations; and
  • Copies of the current actuarial guidelines from the NAIC Financial Examiners Handbook.
The Manual is available both online and on CD-ROM, allowing actuaries to order the version that best meets their individual needs. 
FORMAT   Member Price
Nonmember Price
Single User (CD-ROM) Individual purchaser is permitted to use and install a copy of the Manual on his/her primary (workplace) and secondary (home or laptop) computer, and not on any other computer.     $820     $1,230
Single User (Web) Individual purchaser has unlimited online access to the Manual until 12/31/18, through a user name and password that may not be shared with others.     $765     $1,150
Additional Password Permits an additional person online access to the Manual on the same terms as single-user web access.     $420     $620
Multiple User (CD-ROM) Permits a company and its affiliates to make copies of the CD-ROM version of the Manual and distribute them to employees (CD-ROM is programmed in a multi-platform format).     $3,570     $5,350
Multiple User (Web) Permits a company and its affiliates to give employees unlimited web access to the Manual until 12/31/18, through a user name and password that can be distributed to employees who want access to the Manual online.     $3,540     $5,300
Please note that the Manual is subject to federal copyright laws in favor of the American Academy of Actuaries and the NAIC. No portion of the Manual may be reprinted, copied or resold without the express consent of the Academy, or where noted in the Manual, the NAIC.

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The manual was created as an easy reference tool only and should not be relied upon as a definitive source or as a substitute for your own thorough review of the appli­cable laws, regulations, rules, bulletins, or other materi­als published by the relevant state or federal governments or agencies. This manual is also not a substitute for legal advice on the subject matter.