Retiree Benefits Subcommittee

Theis subcommittee’s mission is to bring to the public and the United States actuarial profession expertise regarding group benefit plans, with particular focus on health care benefit plans for retirees. Within the scope of this mission, this subcommittee:
  • Serves as a resource to both the Health and Pension Practice Councils
  • Provides independent and objective analysis, advice, and education to stakeholders of retiree health plans with respect to:
    • Funding
    • Financial Reporting, in conjunction with Pension Accounting Committee
    • Managing financial risks
    • Plan Design
  • Identifies emerging issues and monitors legislative and regulatory proposals affecting group benefit plans.
  • Coordinates with other Academy committees where appropriate on issues with overlapping interests.
  • Develops practice notes for the membership.
  • Comments on actuarial standards of practice related to retiree health plans.
Staff liaison(s): David Linn

Chairperson(s): John Schubert

John Bartel
Samuel Boustani
Kathleen Cost
Michael de Leon
Ai Ivy Gao
Derek Guyton
Randy Halper
Liaw Huang
Piotr Krekora
Christopher Lombardi
Joshua Mayhue
Colleen O'Malley Driscoll
Adeniyi Olaiya
Jeffrey Petertil
Frank Reynolds
Daniel Rhodes
Alex Rivera
John Robinson
James Shake
Robin Simon
Cori Uccello
Jim Whelpley

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