Public Policy Papers

Executive summary of the monograph on Genetic Information and Medical Expense Insurance.
(June 30, 2000)
Numerical Examples Group report compares the Unified Valuation System (UVS) to the existing statutory valuation for a sample company. (June 12, 2000)
Workers' Compensation Work Group monograph on an analysis of the workers' compensation system and addresses the history of the system, economic influences, and the effect of managed care, among other issues. (March 31, 2000)
Risk Adjustor Work Group report on the health status risk adjustment methodology proposed for implementation by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). (January 14, 1999)
Expanding Choice for Medicare Beneficiaries Task Force monograph on the actuarial issues concerning the changes to Medicare under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 that will have major impact on the health care market. (January 1, 1999)
Executive summary of the monograph on Actuarial Issues in the Expansion of Beneficiary Options Under Medicare+Choice. (January 1, 1999)
Long Term Care Committee monograph issues that need to be considered when determining whether a voluntary federal-private LTC insurance program could be considered a viable option within a more comprehensive framework involving multiple programs. (January 1, 1999)
Loss Ratio Work Group white paper on the various ways in which loss ratios are currently used by different audiences, and identifies some of the issues inherent in methods of valuation employed.
(November 30, 1998)
Environmental Liabilities Work Group monograph on reserving for asbestos, pollution, and other mass-tort liabilities. (March 1, 1997)
Task Force on Trends in Retirement Income Security monograph on the challenges and policy options for financing the retirement of future generations. (January 1, 1997)
Medicaid Work Group monograph on how cost and utilization savings can occur in managed care programs and provides an overview of components that should be considered when developing and implementing a Medicaid managed care program. (April 1, 1996)
Guaranteed Issue/Universal Access Work Group monograph provides an understanding of the forces with which reformers are confronted in trying to implement guaranteed issue successfully in a voluntary private insurance system - a system that does not mandate universal coverage. (February 29, 1996)