Public Policy Issue Briefs

Multiemployer Plans Committee issue brief discussing the costs and risks associated with multiemployer loan programs, and the ways in which these programs could benefit troubled plans and their participants.  (May 4, 2018)
Social Security Committee issue brief examining automatic adjustment options to address Social Security's financial challenges. (May 4, 2018)
Pension Committee issue brief that analyzes the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) and its subsequent amendments against the principles underlying funding reform. (April 6, 2018)
Prescription Drug Work Group issue brief highlighting prescription drug issues present in our health care system, including cost drivers, the effect on various stakeholders, and possible approaches that might help address the health care cost growth associated with prescription drugs. (March 7, 2018)
High-Performance Network Work Group issue paper on addressing the growth in health care spending through high-performance networks, which generally focus on delivering high-quality care that also is efficient care. These networks generally result in lower total costs for health programs. (February 26, 2018)
Retirement System Assessment and Policy Committee issue brief on the role of U.S. tax policy in retirement security. (December 28, 2017)
Health Practice International Committee issue brief on global aging demographics, quality of life during the end-of-life period, palliative versus curative care, and strategies for address health care challenges at the end of life using case studies from a variety of countries. 
(December 6, 2017)
Retirement System Assessment and Policy Committee issue brief on state-based initiatives to expand retirement coverage among workers who do not have access to employer-sponsored plans, and the alignment of these efforts with the Academy’s Retirement for the AGES principles. (November 29, 2017)
Health Care Delivery Committee issue brief providing an actuarial overview of comparative effectiveness research, including measuring its impact and its potential to reduce health care costs. (November 17, 2017)
Social Security Committee issue brief on 2017 Social Security Trustees Report examining the program’s long-term solvency issues and recommending that Congress should act soon to improve the long-term financial outlook of the program. (July 31, 2017)
Tax Work Group issue brief on the implications of calculating tax-deductible claim reserves based on incurral date versus issue date for long-term disability insurance policies. (July 28, 2017)
Health Practice Council paper on what cost-sharing reductions are and why they need to be funded. (July 24, 2017)
Medicare Subcommittee issue brief on significant concerns about Medicare’s long-term financial health.  (July 19, 2017)
Health Practice Council FAQ on how risk pooling in the individual health insurance market works. (July 14, 2017)
Pension Practice Council issue brief that explores various methods to measure the financial health of pension plans. (July 13, 2017)
Individual and Small Group Markets Committee issue brief providing an overview of the general factors underlying premium rate setting and highlighting the major components driving premium changes in 2018. (July 11, 2017)
Multiemployer Committee issue brief explores options to address failing multiemployer plans and ways to strengthen the multiemployer pension system. (June 27, 2017)
Government Mandates Work Group issue brief providing information on the impact of laws and regulations on consumer cost and consumer choice for annuity and life insurance benefits. (June 15, 2017)
Social Security Committee issue brief that discusses gender-related factors that can cause differences to the benefits women and men receive from Social Security. (May 12, 2017)
Risk Sharing Subcommittee issue brief examining the risk adjustment program implemented under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the implications for the program under different potential changes to current insurance market rules. (May 10, 2017)