President's Message (April 28, 2011)

Dear Academy colleague,

I'm pleased to announce a series of substantive changes to the procedures by which the Academy nominates and elects Regular Directors to the Academy Board of Directors. As a one-year trial, the Academy is implementing a member petition process to nominate regular directors. This petition process is in addition to the opportunity that already exists for nominations to be suggested directly to the Nominating Committee. We also will offer electronic voting over a four-week period in the summer to ensure every member has an opportunity to participate in these elections.

Rather than fill this message with the details, I encourage you to visit the new online Academy Election Center to learn more and to access the necessary forms to participate in the nominations process. Please note the deadline to submit nomination petitions is 5:00 p.m. May 31.

These changes result from the Board's consideration of the recommendations regarding nominations and elections that were contained in the October 2010 final report of the Governance Task Force (GTF). The Board spent considerable time evaluating the GTF's recommendations and the Academy Advisors panel was asked to evaluate several prospective changes to the nominations and elections process.

Following this year's nominations and elections, the Board will examine the results—and feedback from members—as it looks to 2012 and beyond. I am committed to creating a vigorous, open, positive process that ensures that the profession will continue to benefit for years to come from experienced and dedicated Academy leadership.

I hope you'll agree that the 2011 nominations and elections represent a great opportunity for the Academy and our profession. As always, I invite your comments at


Mary Frances Miller
American Academy of Actuaries