Message about a survey on a possible 'Para-Actuary' program

April 6, 2017

Dear Academy Members,
The Academy is collecting some information about whether there is perceived value to the actuarial profession in the United States for the Academy to consider developing a professionalism structure for those who are in actuarial support roles, those we have called “para-actuaries.”

The Academy is working with a consulting company, Censeo, which specializes in developing quantitative and qualitative surveys, data analyses, and meaningful stakeholder engagement to help us assess whether there is a need and an opportunity that fit in with the Academy’s core values and professionalism mission.

Over the next few weeks, we will be surveying segments of our membership that Censeo has suggested to develop the information we need. Censeo developed the recipient lists for us. The objective of the first survey initiative is to determine whether there would be value to employers in professionalizing actuarial support positions. If you do not receive a survey, it is not because we do not value your input! The survey process is being managed and devised by Censeo to achieve sufficiently diverse and comprehensive sample data from among types of employers to assess the interest in and viability of the Academy’s further exploration of this topic.

We hope to report back to the membership by October on what we have found and what we think any follow-up actions might be, if any.

Bob Beuerlein
President, American Academy of Actuaries