Drivers of 2019 Health Insurance Premium Changes

June 25, 2018 | 1 to 2 p.m. EDT

As health actuaries work to develop proposed premiums for 2019, they will consider a range of factors that may cause premiums for the next year to differ from this year’s. A new issue brief, Drivers of 2019 Health Insurance Premium Changes, released by the Individual and Small Group Markets Committee of the American Academy of Actuaries, highlights the drivers affecting premiums for 2019.
In this webinar, authors of the issue brief walk through the factors actuaries consider in setting premium rates for 2019. During the webinar, our speakers provide an overview of the major drivers and discuss why premiums could differ from those in 2018. They discuss several key drivers of changes in health insurance premiums for 2019, as outlined in the issue brief, including:
  • The underlying growth in health care costs (known as medical trend);
  • Recent legislative and regulatory changes, including the elimination of the individual mandate penalty, the Administration’s proposal to expand short-term limited duration plans and association health plans, and whether changes are made regarding how insurers potentially load premiums to account for cost-sharing reduction subsidies;
  • Changes in the risk pool composition and insurer assumptions from 2018; and
  • Actions by states to implement reinsurance programs, impose individual mandate penalties, or enact rules affecting the availability of alternative coverage options.

  • Barb Klever, MAAA, FSA
         Individual and Small Group Markets Committee chairperson
  • David Shea, MAAA, FSA
         Individual and Small Group Markets Committee member
  • Cori Uccello
    Senior Health Fellow
If you have any questions about the issue brief or webinar, contact David Linn, senior health analyst, at linn@actuary.org or (202) 785-6931.