2012 Candidates for Three Regular Director Positions

The Academy’s Nominating Committee today announced the candidates for three Regular Director positions on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Actuaries for consideration of its membership.  On-line voting will commence July 23 through August 17:
Regular Director, for term expiring 2015 (Health) (vote for one)  
Regular Director, for term expiring 2015 (Health) (vote for one)  
Regular Director, for term expiring 2015 (Any Practice Area) (vote for one)  
Please click the links for the candidates to learn more about their qualifications, read their bios, view their photos, and study their responses to an initial set of questions posed by the nominating committee.
In addition, the nominating committee encourages Academy members to pose additional questions to be answered by the candidates. All questions will be directed to all candidates. Click this link to submit a question. Questions and responses will be posted on the candidate Q&A page. Each new question with candidates' responses will be posted on the home page of the Academy Board Election Center and the questions posted each week will be recapped in the Academy Election News section in This Week.
In finalizing the ballot, the nominating committee took into consideration the composition of officers to be elected by the Academy Board of Directors at its annual meeting this fall: President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President/Casualty, Vice President/Health, Vice President/Professionalism. Based on those considerations, and to maintain the balance of practice area representation across the entire board as provided in the Nominating Committee Guidelines, the nominating committee decided two Regular Director Class of 2015 positions should be filled by health practitioners and that one position be filled by a member from any other practice area.

This marks the second year that Academy members will be casting their votes for Regular Director in an online election; it is the first year of a competitive election for one of those Regular Director positions.