Candidate Information: Timothy J. Geddes

Candidate for Regular Director Term
Ending in 2018

Name: Timothy J. Geddes
Practice Area: Pension
Employer: Deloitte Consulting LLP         
City, State: Detroit, Mich.
Credentials: MAAA, FCA, FSA, EA

Candidate Biographical Sketch

Tim currently serves as vice chairperson of the Academy’s Pension Practice Council. His volunteer service to the Academy also includes having served on the Pension Committee and as a webinar presenter on pension and retirement issues. He is nominated to serve the remaining one year of a three-year Board term expiring in 2018 that is being vacated on Nov. 14.
Tim graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in actuarial mathematics. He is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting, where he serves as the business leader for Deloitte Consulting’s core actuarial services across all actuarial disciplines. Tim has previously served as Deloitte’s leader for actuarial and advanced analytics services in India, overseeing practitioners supporting the U.S., Indian, and global markets.

The Academy’s mission is to serve the public and the U.S. actuarial profession. My service on the Board will allow me to further the Academy’s mission of public policy and professionalism by:
providing further input into the Academy’s agenda and priorities to address the myriad of complex and important issues facing the actuarial profession and the public. The current environment is potentially unparalleled in the way that many of our areas of practice are changing. The Academy has a credible voice in many areas that can shape the pace and direction of that change. My perspective has always been to try to embrace change whenever possible and look for opportunities to make such changes positive. While it may be natural to resist changes that can disrupt our workplace or industries, I would like to see us find ways to adopt and respond positively to those changes, applying our skills in innovative ways to address tomorrow’s problems.

Academy Service

  • Vice Chairperson, Pension Practice Council, 2015–Present
  • Member, Pension Committee, 2009–16