Campaign 2012 Toolkits and Voter Guides

As the public policy voice for the U.S. actuarial profession, the American Academy of Actuaries is undertaking an outreach effort to raise awareness of critical actuarial issues among the voting public.

Voter Guides on issues including Medicare, Healthcare Reform, and Social Security provide voters, candidates, and the general public with the information necessary to ensure more informed policy discussions and debates leading up the 2012 elections and beyond.

Campaign 2012 Toolkits are designed to provide members across all practice areas with the tools necessary to deliver within their own communities objective information about key public policy issues. The toolkits include a range of resources including voter guides, sample slide decks, notes to assist with crafting public presentations, issue briefs, and other policy statements that can be handed out or used to enhance a presentation.

► Campaign 2012 Toolkit—Health Care Reform

► Campaign 2012 Toolkit—Medicare

► Campaign 2012 Toolkit—Social Security

Other Resources


Please contact Zack Bailey, the Academy’s legislative assistant, at or 202-223-8196.