Multiemployer Plans Committee

The committee's mission is to bring to the public and the United States actuarial profession expertise regarding multiemployer pension plans. Within the scope of this mission, the subcommittee:

  • Provides independent and objective analysis, advice, and education to stakeholders (such as legislators, contributing employers, trustees) of multiemployer plans with respect to:
    • Funding
    • Financial reporting, in conjunction with Pension Accounting Committee
    • Managing financial risks
    • Plan design
  • Maintains contact with federal and state regulatory agencies to offer advice and seek action on current issues.
  • Develops practice notes for the membership.
  • Comments on actuarial standards of practice related to multiemployer plans.

Staff liaison: Monica Konate´

Chairperson: Jason Russell
Vice Chairperson: Christian Benjaminson
Mariah Becker
James Dexter
James Donofrio
Aldwin Frias
Theodore Goldman
Francis Gowen
Eli Greenblum
Joseph Hicks
David Pazamickas
Peter Sturdivan

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(November 20, 2017)
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Notes from the Multiemployer Plans Subcommittee meeting on Feb. 22 with officials of the Treasury and Labor departments, and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to discuss applications by multiemployer pension plans in critical and declining status to suspend benefits or partition liabilities. (March 23, 2017)
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Multiemployer Subcommittee comment letter on the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s (PBGC) proposed rule on mergers and transfers between multiemployer plans.
(August 05, 2016)
Senior Pension Fellow Ted Goldman comments to the Senate Finance Committee on its hearing, “The Multiemployer Pension Plan System: Recent Reforms and Current Challenges.”
(March 17, 2016)