Exploring Global Health Care Cost Drivers: Canada and Chile

November 4, 2015
10-11:30 a.m. Eastern

Health care cost growth is a global issue. Regardless of the structure of their systems—public, private, or some combination—countries all over the world have to evaluate and address varying degrees of health care cost growth. Exploring comparative experience with health care cost trends and the drivers of cost increases worldwide was the objective of a 2015 webinar series jointly sponsored by the American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice International Committee and the International Actuarial Association Health Section.
The fourth and final webinar in this series provided a unique opportunity to learn about the successes and challenges that both Canada and Chile have experienced as they have worked to identify and address particular cost drivers. This webinar was a 90-minute examination and analysis of both countries’ health care systems, with a focus on health care cost trends. Panelists explored some of the following topics for both countries:
  • the health care financing system;
  • efforts to address health care costs;
  • unique programs or aspects of the system that could be relevant to other countries;
  • examples of successes and challenges in each of the health care systems;
  • metrics used to measure health outcomes; and
  • anticipated changes and the impact of future health care cost trends.
View information about and materials from the first webinar of the series, featuring Israel and the Netherlands, the second webinar, featuring South Africa and the United States, and the third webinar, featuring Australia and Singapore.


  • Jonathan Callund (Chile); managing director, Callund y Compañia Ltda.
  • John Have, FSA, FCIA (Canada); president, Have Associates
  • Susan Mateja, MAAA, FSA; chairperson, Academy’s Health Practice International Committee

Jonathan Callund

Jonathan is managing director of Callund y Compañia Ltda., Chile’s oldest specialist consulting firm in employee health benefits. He is based in Santiago, where he advises local and multinational employers on their contingent programs for health care and welfare. Jonathan also represents the IFC as an independent nominee Director on the board of Seguros Bolívar in Colombia.
Jonathan has an MBA from Babson College. His previous experience includes Global Director with AIG’s Group Management Division in New York, and international consultant on insurance policy for the World Bank, the Inter-American and other multilateral agencies.

John Have, FSA, FCIA

John is president of Have Associates, an actuarial firm started in 1983, and providing actuarial consulting to financial institutions, consultants and brokers across North America. Services include employee benefit premium rates and product development, claim liability evaluations, insurer mergers/acquisitions, advice in setting rating/experience adjustment models for provincial WCB programs, WCB valuations plus actuarial research for both the Canadian and U.S. actuarial profession.

John received a Bachelor of Math from the University of Waterloo in Ontario in 1970. He became a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in 1976 and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries in 1976.
John is a frequent speaker at actuarial meetings and participates in many professional activities of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, the Society of Actuaries, and International Actuarial Association. He received the Canadian Institute of Actuaries' Silver Award for Volunteer Service, and he recently completed 2 actuarial research projects related to public health insurance costs and trends.  


Susan L. Mateja, MAAA, FSA
Susan is an actuarial director for Humana Inc., located in Louisville, KY. She is currently working in the corporate area, but has experience in pricing a variety of health plans. She has also co-authored three articles for the Contingencies magazine, and has spoken on risk adjustment at the 2011 Conference of Consulting Actuaries and the 2012 International Actuarial Association Colloquium in Hong Kong. Susan is chair of the Academy’s Health Practice International Task Force.