News from the American Academy of Actuaries
Upcoming 2013 Regular Director Election

July 3, 2013

Cecil D. Bykerk Dear Academy Colleague:

I am delighted to inform you that the Academy’s Nominating Committee has selected four excellent candidates for the upcoming regular director election by members, which will be held online from Aug. 26 through Sept. 16.

You can link to the candidate information from their names below.

Regular Director, for one-year term expiring 2014
•  Thomas Campbell

Regular Director, for three-year term expiring 2016
•  Albert Beer

Regular Director, for three-year term expiring 2016
•  Audrey Halvorson

Regular Director, for three-year term expiring 2016
•  Annie Voldman

Any member who wishes to nominate another candidate for regular director, including himself or herself, can use a petition process. To be placed on the election ballot you must comply with the requirements of the petition process outlined here. Briefly, this year’s process requires a minimum of 178 Academy member signatures, which represents approximately 1 percent of the Academy’s total membership as of July 1, 2013 and no more than 25% percent of the signatures may be from the same employer. All petitions are due by no later than July 29, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.
We strongly encourage you to vote in the upcoming election for regular directors of the Academy who will be dedicated to pursuing our mission and vision. Thank you for your interest in and support of the Academy. And for the latest on the Academy’s election, remember to visit the Academy Board Election Center.
This year’s Nominating Committee is chaired by Mary Frances Miller, a past president of the Academy, and the members, in addition to me, included Mary Bahna-Nolan, Mark Dunbar, Gary Josephson, Tonya Manning, Marc Oberholtzer, Patricia Rotello, David Sandberg, Thomas Terry, and Shari Westerfield.
Cecil D. Bykerk
American Academy of Actuaries