PBR Intensive Seminar Subgroup

The PBR Intensive Seminar Subgroup has and continues to develop intensive seminars on understanding principle-based reserving (PBR) before it takes effect, which is expected to occur in January 2017 for life insurers. These seminars assist actuaries who will be utilizing PBR—as well as auditors and regulators who will later review that work.

Staff liaison: Ian Trepanier

Chairperson: Donna Claire
Rhonda Ahrens
Mary Bahna-Nolan
Michael Boerner
Larry Bruning
Nadeem Chowdhury
Martin Claire
Richard Daillak
Arnold Dicke
Brandon Dwyer
Michael Failor
Brian Fomby
Alice Fontaine
Jason Kehrberg
Stephen Krupa
Linda Lankowski
Chanho Lee
Alexandre Lemieux
Russell Menze
David Neve
Craig Roberts
Benjamin Slutsker
Sheldon Summers
Ali Zaker-Shahrak

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