PBR Assumptions Resource Manual Work Group

This working group is a subgroup of the PBR Governance Work Group and is proposing a PBR Assumption Resource Manual, which would provide considerations to actuaries for establishing governance / controls, updating assumptions, and reviewing modifications made to reserve inputs for PBR purposes. The focus will not be on the methodologies to update assumptions themselves, but rather on governance, process, and considerations for updating assumptions and margins for PBR.

Staff liaison: Ian Trepanier

Chairperson: Benjamin Slutsker
Michael Boerner
Elizabeth Caldwell
Donna Claire
Arnold Dicke
Brandon Dwyer
Jennifer Frasier
Rachel Hemphill
Stephen Krupa
Chanho Lee
Leonard Mangini
Michael McCarty
Michael Santore
Lorne Schinbein
Mary Simmons
Brad Tucci
Amanda Young