Flood Insurance Work Group

The Flood Insurance Work Group provides actuarial support, advice, and communications on topics that involve flood insurance. Specifically, it is focused on the National Flood Insurance Program and proposed changes to its enabling legislation. It will also be considering the private flood insurance market and relevant reinsurance and catastrophe bond issues.

Staff liaison: Marc Rosenberg

Chairperson: Rade Musulin
Emmanuel Bardis
Joanne Briody
Patrick Causgrove
Kay Cleary
Edward Ford
R. Dale Hall
Jonathan Hayes
John Kulik
Howard Kunst
Minchong Mao
Stuart Mathewson
Jeffrey McCarty
Michael Mendel
Bernard Rabinowitz
Achille Sime-Lanang
Kathy Thompson
Andy Tran
Alexander Turrell
Nancy Watkins
Trevar Withers
Yanjun Yao
Richard Yocius