Professionalism News and Events

In “An SAO by Any Other Name,” Committee on Qualifications Chairperson Andrea Sweeny spells out why any actuary who is subject to the Code of Professional Conduct should clearly understand what a statement of actuarial opinion is. (Actuarial Update, May 2018) (May 31, 2018)
Academy President Steve Alpert presented a session titled “Why Professionalism?” to about 100 attendees at the Actuaries Club of Philadelphia’s meeting on May 15, and Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline member David Driscoll delivered a professionalism presentation at the May 22 meeting of the Actuaries’ Club of Hartford & Springfield, in Hartford, Conn. (Actuarial Update, May 2018) (May 31, 2018)
Wondering about the differences between the continuing education requirements of the U.S. Qualification Standards (USQS) and the continuing professional development requirements of other actuarial organizations? It is important for actuaries to understand the difference, and the Academy has created useful tools to help actuaries document their compliance with the USQS. (Actuarial Update, April 2018) (April 30, 2018)
The Academy’s president, Steve Alpert, and immediate past president, Bob Beuerlein, led April’s professionalism outreach efforts, sharing their insight with hundreds of actuarial science students about professionalism and the profession. (Actuarial Update, April 2018) (April 30, 2018)
The Academy’s professionalism webinars—typically four per year—offer expertise on a range of professionalism topics across all practice areas, and insight from members of the Committee on Qualifications, Actuarial Standards Board, Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline, and other distinguished speakers from Academy boards and committees. (Actuarial Update, March 2018) (March 31, 2018)
More than 2,200 people attended the Academy’s March professionalism webinar, “A Guided Tour of the U.S. Qualification Standards,” which took an in-depth look at issues and commonly raised questions received by the Committee on Qualifications. COQ members Tom Campbell, Keith Passwater, and Hal Tepfer engaged in a lively discussion of the experience requirement, what counts as a statement of actuarial opinion, the “look in the mirror” test, and more. (Actuarial Update, March 2018) (March 31, 2018)
In “Disclosure: The Cornerstone of the ASOPs’ Strength,” Actuarial Standards Board (ASB) Chairperson Beth Fitzgerald outlines the ASB’s process in developing actuarial standards of practice (ASOPs) and the ASB’s role in what disclosures actuaries will need to make to comply with an ASOP, and specifically notes the importance of ASOP No. 41, Actuarial Communications. (Actuarial Update, February 2018) (February 28, 2018)
“New Standards for the New Year,” by Actuarial Standards Board (ASB) Chairperson Beth Fitzgerald, highlights several new actuarial standards of practice (ASOPs)—Nos. 51, 52, and 53—offering explanations behind their promulgation last year, and the role of the ASB’s committees and task forces in creating the ASOPs. (Actuarial Update, January 2018)
(January 31, 2018)
Committing on an annual basis to professional objectivity is required to perform volunteer work for all those who participate in Academy committees. D. Joeff Williams, vice president of the Academy’s Council on Professionalism, outlined the policy with a request that volunteers and submit a conflict of interest (COI) acknowledgement and continuing education attestation as soon as possible. Interested parties must also acknowledge the COI policy. (Actuarial Update, January 2018) (January 31, 2018)
In the “Tradecraft” Contingencies column, Council on Professionalism (COP) Chairperson Joeff Williams writes on “Building a Culture of Professionalism: A Resource Guide for Chief Actuaries,” covering COP’s professionalism mission and the Academy’s professionalism resources that are available to chief actuaries. (Contingencies, January/February 2018)
(January 01, 2018)