Webinar: Understanding the ACA—Minimum Value and Actuarial Value Calculations

Health actuaries: Do you calculate minimum or actuarial values under the ACA?

Sept. 20, 2013
Noon–1:00 p.m. Eastern

During this webinar, panelists explored the new minimum value (MV) and actuarial value (AV) requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and discussed some of the technical issues associated with these calculations.
The ACA includes provisions that 1) establish the use of AV to structure benefit tiers, specify a minimum level of coverage, and help consumers compare different plan designs and cost-sharing provisions; and 2) establish an MV requirement for employer-sponsored plans.
In July, the Health Practice Council’s MV Practice Note Work Group exposed a draft practice note that addresses the considerations actuaries need to be aware of associated with calculation of MV and AV. Academy members of the work group provided an overview of the exposure draft and answered questions. The panelists did the following:
  • Provided an overview of the new provisions related to MV and AV
  • Discussed plan designs that are not accommodated by the MV and AV calculators
  • Provided an overview of the design-based safe harbors for MV determination
  • Walked attendees through an example of an adjustment to an AV calculation


Catherine Jo Erwin, MAAA, FSA
Member, Minimum Value Practice Note Work Group
John M. Stenson, MAAA, FSA
Chairperson, Minimum Value Practice Note Work Group
Dale H. Yamamoto, MAAA, FCA, EA
Member, Minimum Value Practice Note Work Group
Moderator: Cori E. Uccello, MAAA, FSA, FCA, MPP
Senior Health Fellow, American Academy of Actuaries


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