Webinar: Deep Dive into NAIC Health Annual Statement’s New Exhibit 3A on Health Care Receivables

Oct. 18, 2013
Noon–1:30 p.m. Eastern

Experts from the Academy’s Health Care Receivables Factors Work Group dove into Exhibit 3A, which is was for the 2013 NAIC Health Annual Statement. Topics included:
  • Health care receivables overview
  • Purpose of the new exhibit, past studies of health care receivables, and the overall effect on risk-based capital
  • Exhibit 3A layout format and a discussion of the instructions
  • Examples with cross references to Exhibit 3 and Underwriting & Investment Exhibit Part 2B



F. Kevin Russell, MAAA, FSA
Kevin Russell is a principal for Mercer Health & Benefits in the Phoenix office. His work is concentrated in Medicaid managed care, both rate development and financial reporting. He is the appointed actuary for a Medicaid managed care organization. His recent and current professional committee work includes the Academy's Health Care Receivables Factors Work Group, Life and Health Qualification Seminar Committee, Medicaid Work Group, Actuarial Soundness Task Force, and the Actuarial Standards Board's Task Force on Medicaid Rate Setting and Certification.

Susan L. Mateja, MAAA, FSA
Susan Mateja is an Actuarial Director for Humana Inc., located in Louisville, KY. She is currently working in the corporate area, but has experience in pricing a variety of health plans. She has also co-authored three articles for the Contingencies magazine, and has spoken on risk adjustment at the 2011 Conference of Consulting Actuaries and the 2012 International Actuarial Association Colloquium in Hong Kong. Susan is a member of the Academy's Health Care Receivables Factors Work Group, the Health Practice International Task Force, and the Medicare Part D Risk-Based Capital Subgroup.
Moderator: Tim Mahony, State Health Policy Analyst, American Academy of Actuaries



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