Use of Academy titles and designations

Precept 12 of the Code of Professional Conduct of the American Academy of Actuaries provides that “[an Actuary shall make use of membership titles and designations of a Recognized Actuarial Organization only in a manner that conforms to the practices authorized by that organization.” Annotation 12-1 of the Code defines “title” as “any title conferred by a Recognized Actuarial Organization related to a specific position within that organization,” and “designation” as “a specific reference to membership status within such organization.” The Academy’s Board of Directors has authorized only the following practices for use of membership titles and designations:

I. Membership Designations
A member of the Academy may sign or otherwise identify himself or herself orally or in writing by using any of the following designations:

  1. Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
  2. Member, American Academy of Actuaries
  3. Member, A.A.A.
  4. M.A.A.A.

An individual who is not a member of the Academy, or who has ceased to be a member of the Academy through resignation, suspension, expulsion, nonpayment of dues, or for any other reason, may not use any Academy designation unless and until that individual becomes or resumes being an Academy member.

II. Titles
A. Except as provided in Sections II (B) and (C) below, a member may include in written communications only references to titles held within the Academy when engaged in Academy business or speaking on the Academy’s behalf. A member may never speak or act on behalf of the Academy without authorization to do so from the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, or other appropriate authority.

B. Academy members who have been duly elected or appointed to the following roles may identify themselves as follows when engaged in Academy business or speaking on behalf of the Academy:

  1. [Officer: (specify office)], American Academy of Actuaries
  2. Member of the Board of Directors, American Academy of Actuaries
  3. [Chairperson/Vice Chairperson/ Member], [(topic) Practice Council/Council on Professionalism], American Academy of Actuaries
  4. [Chairperson/Vice Chairperson/ Member], [Committee/Task Force/ Work Group] on [topic], American Academy of Actuaries
  5. [Staff member: (specify title)], American Academy of Actuaries

C. A member who holds or has held one or more of the titles identified in Section II(B) above may refer to Academy offices or titles held in the following settings, but only if it is clear that the member is not purporting to speak or act on the Academy’s behalf:

  1. Biographical material, such as résumés or material included in a book or article written by or about the member;
  2. Testimony in a court of law or before a legislative or regulatory body;
  3. An announcement or publication of a member’s change of employment or promotion.