U.S. Qualification Standards Request for Comments:

The Academy’s Committee on Qualifications (Committee) is charged with promulgating the U.S. actuarial profession’s minimum qualification standards, counseling actuaries on their qualifications and determining whether any changes are needed from time to time.  The revised U.S. Qualification Standards became effective January 1, 2008 (QS).  Because more than five years have passed since the effective date, the Committee has decided to undertake a review of the U.S. Qualification Standards to determine if the Committee should start the process of developing proposed revised QS.

The Academy’s Board of Directors approved the Committee’s plans to begin this process on May 9, 2013.  Since 2008, the Committee has received questions and comments from individuals, companies and professional organizations. The Committee plans to start this review by re-considering each question and comment individually, and the cumulative nature of these questions and comments.  Additionally, the Committee welcomes comments and suggestions from any of the five US-based professional organizations and their members concerning the QS.  The Committee will consider all comments and suggestions submitted but we would particularly appreciate comments and suggestions submitted by no later than July 31, 2013.  If possible, please provide QS sections or paragraph references for specific comments.

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