Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Status update

January 14, 2011

The Academy board of directors at its Jan. 5 meeting adopted revisions to the Academy Vision and Mission statements, as developed and proposed by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). The final statements reflected input from the board; Academy members (via the SPC webpage); the Academy Advisors panel, which completed a 26-question survey assessing individual components of the proposed revised Vision and Mission statements; and Academy practice councils, each of which had the opportunity to review and comment upon the proposed revisions. Additional details from the practice councils outlining how their 2011 plans coordinate with specific goals under the Vision and Mission statements will be forthcoming this spring.

To review the newly adopted Vision and Mission statements, click here.

November 12, 2010

The Academy board of directors at its Oct. 5 meeting received an interim report from Strategic Planning Committee Chairperson Mary Frances Miller. The committee is working on proposed revisions to the vision and mission statements for the Academy as well as the high-level goals statements. The Strategic Planning Committee intends to pare down the components of the current strategic plan by focusing more on high-level goals, leaving implementation details (operational plans) to be developed by the practice councils and their committees. While board members and the practice councils will be asked to consider and comment upon these revisions, the new Academy Advisors panel also will be asked to complete a survey testing both individual components and the overall direction of the proposed revisions to the vision and mission statements. The committee remains on schedule to deliver its final report to the board in May 2011.

August 9, 2010

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) held an in-person meeting on July 20 in Washington. Members considered the Academy's mission statement before beginning to revise the strategic plan's high-level goals for clarity and scope. The SPC agreed to continue its work via teleconference on August 24.

June 3, 2010

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) met in-person on May 19 in Washington. SPC members continued to review the Academy's mission and vision statements. The committee is considering proposing revised vision and mission statements to address more explicitly serving the public as well as the profession. They also discussed risks that the Academy might consider as part of its strategic planning, and they plan to take up a further discussion of strategic opportunities as well as risks at the next meeting. The committee agreed to hold its next meeting via teleconference on June 15. On May 20, SPC Chairperson Mary Frances Miller reported to the board of directors on the committee’s progress and received preliminary feedback from the board. She also reported that, based on an earlier recommendation by the SPC, the Academy has been recruiting members to serve as Academy Advisors by volunteering to complete periodic, online surveys to provide input to the leadership on decision-making and governance issues. Academy members interested in joining the Academy Advisors should e-mail

April 20, 2010

As a result of its continuing dialogue, the Academy's Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) recommended formation of a member survey research panel - named "Academy Advisors" - to seek broader volunteer input to the Academy. In its last conference call on April 13, SPC members also discussed the Academy's mission and vision statements, which guide the SPC's work, and their practical and aspirational characteristics. SPC members will continue to review the Academy's mission and vision for their May 19 in-person meeting.

The new Academy Advisors panel will be asked to respond to occasional, brief, web-based surveys on matters of interest to the profession and the Academy. Employing easy-to-use web-based survey research technology, the Academy Advisors will capture feedback from a representative group of Academy members. Survey results will be shared with the Academy’s leadership to add context and perspective to decision-making and governance.

Ken Hohman will announce formation of the Academy Advisors and seek volunteers for the panel in his next Presidential message to the membership.

March 17, 2010

In preparation for our work on developing a new three-year Strategic Plan for the Academy, the Strategic Planning Committee has reached consensus on a number of important points: We agree that the document should move away from a concentrated operational focus and return to a focus on formulating the organization’s broad strategic objectives. We believe that all practice areas must be represented on the committee, a committee more limited in size to ensure it functions nimbly. The committee needs to be structured to ensure continuity over the three-year life of the plan while also welcoming fresh ideas.

We recognize the significance our work takes in light of Academy President Ken Hohman’s focus on strengthening the Academy’s internal processes and responsiveness to member concerns. We are committed to delivering a plan that will serve the membership and our profession well and I look forward to reporting to you periodically on the progress we’re making.

Thank you.

Mary Frances Miller
Strategic Planning Committee

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