Stephen Alpert Becomes President of the American Academy of Actuaries

November 14, 2017

Alpert Succeeds Bob Beuerlein

WASHINGTON—Stephen Alpert of Ossining, N.Y., began his term as president of the American Academy of Actuaries today, succeeding 2016–17 President Bob Beuerlein.

Alpert accepted the presidential gavel from Beuerlein today during the Academy’s 2017 Annual Meeting and Public Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. Alpert outlined his goal for the coming year as “increasing the public’s perception of the actuarial profession as a vital, necessary, and valuable part of the social fabric.”

The professional role—and the ethical and professional responsibilities—of actuaries in the United States, Alpert elaborated, are elevated in importance by the far-reaching societal impact of much actuarial work. “By providing objective, evidence-based information, actuaries help assure the public that financial security programs’ promises of future payments are fairly made and can be relied upon when and if they are needed,” Alpert said.

He closed his remarks at the meeting with a reminder of the need to fulfill the profession’s responsibility to the public and uphold the reputation of the actuarial profession.

Alpert is an actuary specializing in retirement and pension issues who has been an Academy volunteer since 2000. He has served in numerous Academy volunteer positions, most recently as chairperson of the Academy’s Public Interest Committee and of the Committee on Strategic Planning.

The American Academy of Actuaries is a 19,000-member professional association whose mission is to serve the public and the U.S. actuarial profession. For more than 50 years, the Academy has assisted public policymakers on all levels by providing leadership, objective expertise, and actuarial advice on risk and financial security issues. The Academy also sets qualification, practice, and professionalism standards for actuaries in the United States.