Setting the Ground Rules: Revised ASOP No. 1 and Other Key Information for Actuaries

June 17, 2013
12-1:30 p.m. EDT

A panel of experts involved in the drafting and finalizing of new ASOP No. 1 presented the webinar entitled, Setting the Ground Rules: Revised ASOP No. 1 and Other Key Information for Actuaries. Attendees learned about new information contained in the revised introduction ASOP No. 1,
Introductory Actuarial Standard of Practice, which became effective June 1, 2013. It is a complete revision of the previous Introduction, and included new, additional content as well as clarification of prior language, and sets the ground rules for all ASOPs. The panelists did the following:

  • Discussed the purpose of the introductory standard;
  • Defined common terms used in ASOPs previously not defined, and discuss use of terms such as “actuarially sound” and “materiality”;
  • Explained why ASOPs are formatted in a certain manner; and
  • Discussed the binding nature of ASOPs on actuaries.




  • Patricia Matson, MAAA, FSA
Member, Actuarial Standards Board
  • Jim Murphy, MAAA, FSA, FCA
Member, Actuarial Standards Board
  • Thomas D. Snook, MAAA, FSA
Member, General Committee of the ASB
  • Moderator: Sheila J. Kalkunte, Academy Assistant General Counsel
This webinar was presented by the Academy’s Council on Professionalism and cosponsored by the ASPPA (ACOPA), CAS, CCA, and SOA.

*The opinions expressed by the panelists during this presentation do not represent the opinions of any of the boards or committees of the Academy or the Actuarial Standards Board.


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