Results of Voting on Proposed Bylaw Changes

November 12, 2018
WASHINGTON—The American Academy of Actuaries thanks all of our members who recently voted on two proposed changes to the Academy Bylaws. We appreciate your ongoing interest in the governance of the Academy. 6,461, or 32.99 percent of, eligible voters cast a ballot on one or both of the proposed bylaw amendments. Our election vendor, Intelliscan, has now provided us the official results of the online and mailed votes cast by eligible members.

On the Academy’s ballot, Proposal 1, a bylaw change recommended by the Academy Board of Directors, won a majority of 51.08 percent of votes cast by eligible members on the proposal, but did not attain the two-thirds supermajority of those voting required to be incorporated into our bylaws.

Proposal 2, a bylaw amendment proposal initiated by petition, was decisively voted down with 57.99 percent of eligible members who voted on the proposal voting against it.

As a result of these two votes, the Academy Bylaws remain unchanged.

Academy Bylaws Amendment Proposals Presented on Ballot of Oct. 29, 2018
Table of Voting Results

Bylaws Amendment Proposal

Total Number of Votes Cast

Number of Votes in Favor

% of Votes in Favor

Number of Votes Against

% of Votes Against

(*Supermajority of 2/3 of Votes Required for Adoption)

Proposal 1






Not Adopted

Proposal 2






Not Adopted

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