Professionalism webinar: Keeping Up Internationally—The IAA, Model International Standards, and the U.S. Actuary

December 15, 2011
12:00-1:30 p.m. Eastern

What influence does the International Actuarial Association (IAA) have on you as a U.S.-based actuary? More than you think. The Academy’s Council on Professionalism presented a webinar about the IAA’s role and how its activities may affect you.
The IAA—a worldwide association of professional actuarial associations—has many committees, with members from around the globe, that address actuarial issues similar to those of concern and interest to U.S. actuaries. As the global economy affects our own economy and progress, actuaries—regardless of where they live—need to keep up with current international events and stay informed about proposed changes that may affect how they approach their U.S. practice.

In this webinar, attendees learned about:
  • IAA’s structure and its role in the U.S. profession
  • Activities of the IAA Professionalism Committee that affect your actuarial life—from both a company and/or consulting viewpoint
  • Activities in the development of “international standards” and how you can influence its development
This webinar was presented by the Academy's Council on Professionalism and co-sponsored by the SOA, CAS, CCA and ASPPA.

Learn more about the IAA.

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Curtis Huntington, MAAA, FCA, FSA, MSPA
  • Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan
  • Chairperson, Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline (ABCD)
  • IAA Council Delegate on behalf of ASPPA
  • Member of the Academy’s Council on Professionalism, Joint Committee on IAA Coordination, and Joint Committee on the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Member of the IAA’s Accreditation Committee, Actuarial Educators Committee, Education Committee, Executive Committee, Nominations Committee, Pensions and Employee Benefits Committee, Professionalism Committee of the IAA, and Syllabus Review Committee of the IAA
Godfrey Perrott, MAAA, FSA
  • Chairperson, General Task Force of the Interim Actuarial Standards Subcommittee and the Standard Setters Roundtable
  • Member of the Academy’s Council on Professionalism
  • Member of the IAA’s Environment Committee, Insurance Regulation Committee, Interim Actuarial Standards Subcommittee of the IAA, and Role of the Actuary Committee
Moderator: Sheila J. Kalkunte
  • Academy Assistant General Counsel

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* The opinions expressed by the panelists during this presentation do not represent the opinions of any of the boards or committees of the Academy, or any other actuarial organization.