President's Message (March 1, 2010)

Dear Academy Colleague,

I'm pleased to invite you to visit the newly launched page on the Academy website dedicated to the work of our Governance Task Force.

Under the leadership of Chairman Bill Bluhm, the Governance Task Force will undertake an extensive review of the Academy's governance.On the page you'll find status reports, the mission of the task force, its membership roster, background information and, perhaps most important, an e-mail link that allows you to share your thoughts directly with the task force and staff liaisons.

The task force page will have a direct link from the navigation bar on the left side of the Academy's web page – you'll be able to get to the task force page in one click from anywhere on

I'm grateful to the dozens of our colleagues who expressed an interest in working with the task force. Bill has put together a distinguished group of leaders of the profession to work with him:

Mike Abroe
Tom Bakos
Damian Birnstihl
Tom Campbell
Jack Cumming
Gareth Kennedy
Perry Kupferman
Benoit Labrosse
Bob Miccolis
Roosevelt Mosley
Kate Musler
Nadine Orloff
Steve Rosen
John Schubert

In addition, President-Elect Mary Frances Miller and I will serve as ex-officio members.

This will not be a static page. As the task force carries out its mission, we'll add status updates and new information to the site. I encourage you to check it often and to use the e-mail link to contribute to the committee's deliberations.


Ken Hohman
American Academy of Actuaries