Presidents Of The Academy

Henry Rood     1965-66          
Charter member of the Academy, instrumental in its formation
Thomas Murrin     1966-67          
Executive vice president at Insurance Services Office, Inc. (N.Y.)
John H. Miller     1967-68          
Executive vice president at Monarch Life Insurance Co. (Mass.)
Wendell Milliman     1968-69          
Founder of Milliman Inc.
Walter L. Rugland     1969-70          
President of Aid Association for Lutherans (now Thrivent Financial)
H. Raymond Strong     1970-71          
Principal and consulting actuary at Strong & Thompson (Texas)
Robert Myers     1971-72          
Chief actuary of the U.S. Social Security Administration
Morton Miller     1972-73    
Board vice chairman at Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States (now AXA) (N.Y.)
Ernest Moorhead     1973-74          
Executive vice president at New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. (now MetLife) (N.Y.)
Daniel McNamara     1974-75          
First President of Insurance Services Office Inc. (N.Y.)
Thomas Bowles Jr.     1975-76          
President of Capital Holding, Inc. (Ga,); benefactor of eponymous Chair of Actuarial Science at Georgia State University
Robert C. Winters     1976-77          
Chairman and chief executive officer at Prudential Insurance Co.
Edwin Boyton     1977-78          
Vice president and consulting actuary at The Wyatt Co.
Dale Gustafson     1978-79          
Senior vice president at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Wis.)
Ronald Bornhuetter     1979-80          
Chairman and chief executive officer at NAC Re Insurance Co. (now XL Group) (Conn.)
Walter Grace     1980-81          
Vice president at Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.
William Halvorson     1981-82          
Founder of Halvorson Research Associates LLC (Fla.)
P. Adger Williams     1982-83          
Senior vice president at Traveler’s Insurance Co. (Conn.)
A. Norman Crowder III     1983-84          
Director at Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson) (Fla.)
M. Stanley Hughey     1984-85
Actuary at Kemper Corporation (Ill.)
Bartley Munson     1985-86          
Chairperson of the ASB Long-Term Care Task Force responsible for passing ASOP No. 18
Preston Bassett     1986-87          
Chief Actuary at Towers Perrin (Fla.); member of Presidential Commission on Pension Policy
John Fibiger     1987-88          
President at New England Mutual Life Insurance Co., and president and chair of the board at Transamerica Life Companies.
W. James MacGinnitie     1988-89          
Senior vice president and chief financial officer of CNA Financial, and partner and director of actuarial services at Ernst & Young (New York)
Harold Brownlee     1989-90          
Consulting actuary at Prudential Insurance Co.
Mavis Walters     1990-91
Executive vice president at Insurance Services Office Inc. (D.C.)
Harry Garber     1991-92          
Vice chairman at Equitable Life Assurance Society (AXA) (N.Y.)
John Harding     1992-93          
President and chief operating officer at National Life of Vermont
David Hartman     1993-94          
Senior vice president and chief actuary at the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.
Charles Bryan     1994-95          
Chief financial officer of United Services Automobile Association (USAA), head of the national casualty actuarial practice at Ernst & Young
Jack Turnquist     1995-96          
Vice president at Tillinghast (Towers Watson) (Texas)
Larry Zimpleman     1996-97          
Chairman, president, and chief executive officer at Principal Financial Group (Iowa)
Allan Kaufman     1997-98          
Managing director at FTI Consulting (N.Y.)
Richard Robertson     1998-99          
Executive vice president at Lincoln National Corp. (Ind., N.Y.)
Stephen Kern     1999-2000      
Actuary with State Farm Life Insurance Co.
Lawrence Johansen     2000-01          
Securities investment officer at Retirement Board of New York State Teachers’ Retirement System
Daniel McCarthy     2001-02          
Chairman at Milliman Inc. (N.Y.)
Robert Anker     2002-03          
Chairman and chief executive officer of American States Financial Corp.
Barbara Lautzenheiser     2003-04          
Senior vice president of Phoenix Life Insurance, president and chief operating officer of the Signature Group’s three insurance companies
Robert Wilcox     2004-05          
Insurance commissioner for the state of Utah
Peter Perkins     2005-06          
Senior vice president and chief actuary at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Steven Lehmann     2006-07          
Co-founder of Pinnacle Actuarial Resources Inc., consulting actuary and president of Abacus Actuarial Consulting LLC.
Bill Bluhm     2007-08          
Principal at Milliman Inc. (Minn.)
John Parks     2008-09          
Consulting actuary at Principal Financial (Pa.)
Ken Hohman     2009-10          
Principal, Bryan Pendleton Swats & McAllister, the consulting actuarial arm of Wells Fargo
Mary Frances Miller     2010-11          
Founder and senior consulting actuary at Select Actuarial Services Inc. (Tenn.)
Dave Sandberg     2011-12          
Vice president and corporate actuary, Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America
Cecil Bykerk     2012-13          
Executive vice president and chief actuary, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co., founder of CDBykerk Consulting LLC
Tom Terry     2013-14          
Chief executive officer of CCA Strategies, chief executive officer of JPMorgan Compensation and Benefits Strategies, founder and current CEO of The Terry Group in Chicago.
Mary D. Miller     2014-15

Consulting actuary with Risk & Regulatory Consulting LLC (Conn.); former property and casualty actuary with the Ohio Department of Insurance

Tom Wildsmith     2015-16
Senior public policy manager, Aetna (D.C.)

Bob Beuerlein     2016-17
Consulting actuary with RM Beuerlein Consulting (Fla.)