NAIC Study of Actuarial Credentials

The Academy has received a memorandum from the NAIC recounting the findings of its consultant on its study of actuarial credentials and qualifications.
The Academy welcomes the opportunity to continue to support and work with the NAIC to try to address its needs and concerns, as we have throughout our long history of establishing Qualification Standards for Public Statements of Actuarial Opinion. We understand that the NAIC is going to have a presentation on the study at the Casualty Actuarial and Statistical (C) Task Force at its summer meeting next month in Philadelphia.
We understand from its communication to the Academy that the NAIC has also separately communicated with both the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries about their processes and examinations. These communications were confidential to those organizations, so any questions about them will have to be taken up with the organizations themselves.
Read the NAIC communication here.

NAIC Study Update
The Academy received a further communication from the NAIC on August 11, 2017 requesting our assistance in its continuing study of actuarial credentials.

Read the NAIC memorandum here.

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