Membership Resources, Services, and Benefits

Why Join?

Qualified actuaries from every practice area join the Academy, united in their commitment to:

  • help promote high professional standards.
  • contribute to the development of sound public policy.
  • communicate the profession's value to policy-makers, business leaders, and the public.

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Professional distinction

When you join the Academy, you show your employer, colleagues and clients that you abide by—and uphold—the Code of Professional Conduct and stay abreast of changes in actuarial practice.

Professional resources for members:


High-quality, highly regarded Academy publications keep you in touch with actuarial news, issues, and events. They include:

  • Actuarial Update This monthly newslettter for Academy members highlights important professionalism and public policy news. It also provides a forum for members to share news about current professional issues and trends.
  • Contingencies Readers enjoy the trenchant opinions, diverse views, and informative coverage featured in Contingencies, the flagship magazine of the actuarial profession.
  • Enrolled Actuaries Report A quarterly newsletter, the EAR focuses on issues, legislation and regulation affecting pension practice and Academy efforts to advance sound pension policy.

Opportunities to get involved

Members play various roles in the Academy's public policy and professionalism work. By volunteering through one of the Academy's five public policy councils (casualty, health, life, risk management and financial reporting, and pension), Academy members :

  • prepare and present testimony to Congress in order to provide an actuarial perspective on far-reaching national issues, including Social Security, Medicare, pension security, and medical liability reform. comment on proposed federal regulations.
  • work closely with state officials on pertinent insurance issues, including the ambitious effort to develop a principle-based regulatory approach for life insurance reserve and capital requirements.
  • write issue briefs and monographs to help inform lawmakers and the public.

Read the Academy's Values Proposition Statements

More information

For more information about Academy membership, please contact the Academy's Membership Department:, 202.223.8196.