Maximizing Efficiency

Retirement for the AGES: Measuring for Success
Ronald Reagan International Trade Center
April 28, 2014

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Providing for a retirement-income system that is efficient and maximizes income while avoiding excessive risk is a principle generally shared by all stakeholders. However, many policies which promote system efficiency come at the expense of one stakeholder group or another.  What tradeoffs are stakeholders willing to accept in exchange for ensuring an efficient system? Will plan holders consent to restrictions on early withdrawals? Will plan managers accept a service fee standardization policy? The panel discusses these and other financial techniques for maximizing efficiency.

Moderator: Don Fuerst, Senior Pension Fellow, American Academy of Actuaries
Bruce Cadenhead, Vice Chairperson, Pension Practice Council, American Academy of Actuaries
Leon "Rocky" Joyner, Vice President and Actuary, The Segal Company
Robert Wylie, Executive Director, South Dakota Retirement System

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