Ensuring Sustainability

Retirement for the AGES: Measuring for Success
Ronald Reagan International Trade Center
April 28, 2014

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Roles and skills, good governance, and financial efficiency should be structured to support a sustainable retirement-income system that provides income to the population at large. Costs should be allocated appropriately among individuals, employers, and society, as well as across generations. The system should be able to withstand the financial shocks of recessions or times of extraordinary inflation.

The panel discusses market shock protection, intergenerational equity, and plan cost allocation, and considers the sustainability of defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. 

Moderator: Evan Inglis, Forward Thinking Task Force, American Academy of Actuaries
Andrea Sellars, Forward Thinking Task Force, American Academy of Actuaries
Paul McCrossan, Former Member, Canadian Parliament
Robert Wylie, Executive Director, South Dakota Retirement System

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