Driverless Cars Are Here: Implications for Policy and Insurance
July 27, 2016
Noon-1:00 p.m. EDT

We are moving closer to driverless cars and trucks, with more autonomous features added to vehicles each year. Eight states and the District of Columbia have issued regulations about the testing of driverless cars on their roads, with several more in the pipeline. But with vehicle safety features regulated by the federal government and drivers and insurance regulated by the states, many questions remain to be resolved. How much safer will highways become? And when things go wrong, who or what is responsible?
In this webinar, we heard from a top federal safety official and from a regulator from California where autonomous vehicles are already test-driving on public roads. They discussed recent and next generation advances in automobile technology and safety systems, lessons learned from road testing of self-driving cars, regulatory issues yet to be resolved, expected changes in accidents and claims, and likely changes in responsibility when crashes occur. Attendees received a clear picture of dramatic changes that are happening now and in the near future which will affect motor vehicles, the people who ride in them, and the insurers who cover them.


Cem Hatipoglu
Director, Office of Vehicle Crash Avoidance and Electronic Controls Response
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Brian Soublet
Deputy Administrator and General Counsel
California Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Roosevelt Mosley
Automobile Insurance Committee member

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