Discontinued Publications

Enrolled Actuaries Report

Enrolled Actuaries Report (EAR) was a quarterly newsletter with news, analysis, and regulatory and standard-setting updates for Academy members who work with public and private pension plans. It was superseded by The Retirement Report in May 2018.

Retirement Account

Retirement Account was a quarterly digital newsletter for Academy members who work with retirement plans, covering developments ranging from regulations and standard-setting to public policy and legislation. It was superseded by The Retirement Report in May 2018.

PBA Perspectives

PBA Perspectives was a quarterly publication that reviewed activities surrounding the implementation of the principle-based approach for life insurance. The last issue was published in December 2017. It was superseded by Life Perspectives in November 2018.



The Academy Yearbooks are an archived resource on Academy bylaws, organization, operations, history, and activities, providing a year-by-year record of organizational and member involvement. The last Yearbook was published in 2009. Since that time, the policies and other information on member involvement formerly printed once a year have instead been updated dynamically on the Academy website.