Council of U.S. Presidents (CUSP)

About CUSP

The Council of U.S. Presidents (CUSP) was an Academy Board of Directors committee established in January 2007 and decommissioned as an Academy committee in May 2014. It was composed of the Academy’s president and president-elect, plus the presidents and presidents-elect of ACOPA, the CAS, the CCA, and the SOA (the Academy's special directors).


During its existence, CUSP adopted the following statements of position:
  • CUSP statement of position on the disciplinary process of the U.S. actuarial profession (October 2010)
  • CUSP statement on the independence of the ASB and the ABCD (October 2008)
  • CUSP's response to the 19 recommendations in the Critical Review of the U.S. Actuarial Profession (CRUSAP) final report (August 2007)
  • Statement of position on the topic of the public interest (April 2007)
  • Letter on the topic of U.S. representation in international matters (January 2007)
  • Letter on the topic of continuing education (September 2006)
  • CRUSAP final report (2006)