Call for Volunteers: Please Take the Academy's Volunteer Survey

June 29, 2017

Dear Academy Member:

Now more than ever, actuaries have critical roles in offering actuarially based solutions for our nation’s most pressing issues. As the national association that provides the unified voice of U.S actuaries from all practice areas, every day Academy volunteers are working to deliver independent, objective, and nonpartisan information to policymakers. Through the efforts of Academy volunteers, U.S. actuaries have a prominent and most importantly a credible voice in public policy and professionalism in legislative and regulatory arenas, at the international, national, state, and local levels. Everything the Academy is and does depends on the efforts of our dedicated volunteers. So I urge you to take a few moments to complete our volunteer survey. The survey will be open until Friday, July 14.

As you may have heard me say, actuaries should be more like thermostats than thermometers. That is, instead of just understanding our environment (measuring the temperature), we should influence our environment.

Volunteering with the Academy is an excellent way to affirm your personal commitment to the high standards of the actuarial profession and influence our environment. As one of the many benefits of membership, serving in a volunteer capacity for the Academy offers you unique opportunities to: 
  • Share your experiences and expertise with the Academy and your colleagues;
  • Collaborate with your peers on initiatives aimed at advancing professionalism and the actuarial profession
  • Make a contribution to your country by serving the public;
  • Gain additional technical expertise;
  • Network with colleagues across practice areas; and
  • Enhance your leadership abilities through consensus building and persuasion. Additionally, volunteers may earn continuing education (CE) credits. 
The survey describes Academy committees, particularly noting those that are actively seeking volunteers. It is more likely that those committees listed as “Actively Seeking Volunteers” will select volunteers from among those who identify their desire to volunteer for them. You should indicate your interests and provide information about how your background or skills would be a good fit for a particular committee. Whenever a member is added to a committee, it is expected that the member will both fill a need and be an active committee participant.

Please note that all volunteers must acknowledge the Academy’s Conflict of Interest policy and acknowledge compliance with the U.S. Qualification Standards’ CE requirements in the survey. For more information about these policies, please click here.

If you have any questions about volunteering or about the survey, please contact Emmy Mendizabal either by email or by phone (; 202-223-8196).

Thank you for considering this opportunity to help the Academy, the actuarial profession, the public, and your own professional development.

Bob Beuerlein