Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is charged with overseeing the annual audit of Academy funds, meeting with the Academy's outside auditor, and reporting on the audit to the President and Board of Directors. It operates in form and under policies approved from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Staff Liaison: Steve Knell

Chairperson: Lisa Slotznick
Patricia Matson
Andy Ferris


The Audit Committee conducts an audit pre-planning meeting with the Academy's external auditor.
The Audit Committee has annual meetings with the Academy’s auditor and with the Budget and Finance Committee. The committee meets individually with the Academy’s Treasurer, Executive Director, CFO, and General Counsel. The Audit Committee presents its annual report on the Academy audit to the Board of Directors.

Questions? Comments?

Chief Finanical Officer Steve Knell, the committee's staff liaison, can be contacted by e-mail, telephone (202.223.8196), or regular mail (sent to the address listed at the bottom of this page.)
Audit Committee members can be contacted by e-mail:
Lisa Slotznick ( Chairperson
Patricia Matson (
Andy Ferris (
(Note: As an anti-spam measure, the committee members' e-mail addresses are not hyperlinked. If you wish to send a message to a committee member, copy the appropriate e-mail address and paste it in the "to" box of a new e-mail message.)