Actuaries Urge Measures Supporting Sustainability and Stability as Senate Proceeds on Health Care

July 25, 2017
WASHINGTON—As the U.S. Senate proceeds to debate major health care legislation, the American Academy of Actuaries is emphasizing the need for public policies that support stable and sustainable health insurance markets.

“As senators consider their votes on any legislation, ensuring the sustainability and stability of markets should be front of mind,” said Academy Senior Health Fellow Cori Uccello. “There are several concrete ways that can and should be pursued to support insurance markets:
  • Permanently fund cost-sharing reduction (CSR) reimbursements;
  • Enforce the individual mandate and support enrollment outreach;
  • Increase external funding aimed at lowering premiums; and
  • Avoid legislative and regulatory actions that increase market instability.”

            The Academy has outlined objective conditions for and steps to support sustainable and stable markets to both Senate and House members and staff through numerous comment letters, issue briefs, Capitol Hill visits, and other analyses. Most recently, the Academy published explainers on risk pooling in the individual market, how changes to market rules could affect risk adjustment, and why CSR reimbursements should be funded on a permanent basis. These resources are publicly available on the Academy website at under the Public Policy tab.

“Legislators can draw on the actuarial profession’s expertise during this consequential moment for the health care system,” added Uccello.


The American Academy of Actuaries is a 19,000-member professional association whose mission is to serve the public and the U.S. actuarial profession. For more than 50 years, the Academy has assisted public policymakers on all levels by providing leadership, objective expertise, and actuarial advice on risk and financial security issues. The Academy also sets qualification, practice, and professionalism standards for actuaries in the United States.