Research Committee

The Research Committee is a cross-practice committee that oversees the Academy’s research functions. Specifically, the Task Force:
  • Formulates guidelines, policies and rules for: the conduct of the Academy in engaging in research initiatives, including the process by which practice council-initiated and -directed public policy research initiatives will be proposed, and; the selection and approval process for research projects.
  • Develops and oversees policies for practice councils with respect to mortality, morbidity and industry experience studies in conjunction with relevant research bodies to facilitate public policy application of those studies.
  • Develops protocols for joint ventures with external research partners.
  • Recommends annually appropriate budget requests for research initiatives, and provides oversight of the research budget.

Staff Liaison: Steve Jackson

Chairperson: Cathy Murphy-Barron
Mary Bahna-Nolan
Douglas Eckley
Bela Gorman
Robert Miccolis
Gerard Mingione
Rade Musulin
Donna Novak
Susan Pantely
Zenaida Samaniego
Henry Siegel