Health Care Delivery Committee

The Health Care Delivery Committee is charged with identifying ways to address the issue of rising health care costs, educating policymakers on the need to stem the growth in spending, and encouraging action to ensure the sustainability of the system.

Staff Liaison: David Linn

Chairperson: Susan Pantely
Jeffrey Adams
Kenneth Avner
Daniel Becker
Karen Bender
Kristi Bohn
Gayle Brekke
Katherine Campbell
April Choi
Bradley Dirks
Colleen Driscoll
Anita Dunn
James Gutterman
Audrey Halvorson
Timothy Harris
Robert Hastings
Malgorzata Jankowiak-Roslanowska
Shiraz Jetha
Matthew Judd
Jinn-Feng Lin
Shuaiqing Liu
Robert Pipich
Cathy Quock
Bernard Rabinowitz
Joshua Reinstein
Nilabh Sanat
Martin Staehlin
Sara Teppema
David Tuomala
Cori Uccello
Rina Vertes
Kurt Wrobel
Ali Zaker-Shahrak

Related Publications

Health Care Delivery Committee issue brief providing an actuarial overview of comparative effectiveness research, including measuring its impact and its potential to reduce health care costs. (November 17, 2017)