Financial Reporting and Solvency Committee

This committee monitors financial reporting activities related to all areas of the health actuarial practice, reviews proposals made by various organizations affecting the accounting and auditing issues related to health practice, and generally is responsible for analysis and recommendations on health practice accounting issues. The committee has primary responsibility in the creation and updating of all health practice notes. Acting as the primary point of collaboration with the Risk Management and Financial Reporting Council, the committee works in conjunction with the Health Practice International Task Force in monitoring international issues with U.S. health care implications.

Staff liaison: David Linn

Chairperson: Marc Lambright

Rowen Bell
Tim Deno
David Dillon
Annette James
Alisa Johnson Widmer
Darrell Knapp
Jinn-Feng Lin
Leslie Lucas
Donna Novak
James O'Connor
Anthony Piscione
Alisa Swann
Joyce Whaley
Russell Willard

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