Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar Planning Committee

This committee develops the program for the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar, cosponsored by the Academy, the Casualty Actuarial Society, and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries.

Staff liaison: Marc Rosenberg

Chairperson: Anthony Bustillo
Vice Chairpersons: John Wade, Edmund Douglas
Jason Abril
Alexander Alimi
Emily Allen
Scott Anderson
Peter Brinck
Thomas DeFalco
Rachel Dolsky
Margaret Germani
Lise Hasegawa
Steven Herman
Alan Hines
Eric Hornick
Yi Jing
Deborah King
Sarah Krutov
Jing Liu
Joshua Merck
William Miller
Chandrakant Patel
Eric Pince
Susan Pino
Karin Rhoads
Ashley Roya
Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe
Ahmad Shadman
Abby Sternberg
Peter Tomopoulos