Workers' Compensation Committee

The Workers' Compensation Committee proactively provides actuarial support and perspective on topics that involve workers' compensation insurance. Its efforts include seeking out new audiences and identifying current trends and topics of interest so that the committee can coordinate and respond to actuarial issues as they arise at the state and federal levels. This committee actively interfaces with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions, and National Conference of Insurance Legislators, among other organizations.

Staff liaison: Marc Rosenberg

Chairperson: John Pedrick
Janejira Aranyawat
Kyle Babirad
Glenn Balling
Raji Bhagavatula
Christopher Carlson
Kevin Christy
Thomas DeFalco
Stephen Dicenso
Nicole Elliott
Jonathan Evans
Brett Foster
Dawn Fowle
Stacey Gotham
Derek Jones
Leslie Marlo
Mary Ann McMahon
Martin Menard
Elizabeth Merritt
Darci Noonan
Alan Pakula
Marc Pearl
Tracie Pencak
David Pugel
Arthur Randolph
Katrina Redelsheimer
Charles Romberger
Frederick Ryan
Martin Simons
Rial Simons
Patricia Smolen
Chester Szczepanski
John Wade
Arthur Scott Whitson
Michael Williams
Zhuo Yang

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Workers' Compensation Work Group monograph on an analysis of the workers' compensation system and addresses the history of the system, economic influences, and the effect of managed care, among other issues. (March 31, 2000)
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Committee Submits Comments on California Guidance for Workers' Comp Self-Insureds