Public Policy Presentations

Aug. 22, 2013 Webinar Presentation: Financial Reporting Implications Under the Affordable Care Act (August 22, 2013)
Senior Life Fellow Nancy Bennett presentation to a National Conference of Insurance Legislators panel on annuities regulation at its summer meeting.   (July 13, 2013)
Presentation to National Conference of Insurance Legislators Summer Meeting on the future of the National Flood Insurance Program following the 2012 passage of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act. (July 11, 2013)
Capitol Hill briefing presentation that examines the financial risks of increased lifespans and the need for retirees to secure lifetime income. (June 27, 2013)
Presentation to the NAIC C-3 Phase II/AG 43 Subgroup on equity return calibration criteria for variable annuity reserve valuation.   (June 4, 2013)
Presentation to regulators at NAIC Financial Summit regarding practical application of PBR Valuation on life insurance.   (May 30, 2013)
Casualty Practice Council presentation to the NAIC's Center for Insurance Policy and Research Brunch event on insurance for acts of terrorism. (April 9, 2013)
C1 Work Group presentation to the NAIC Investment Risk-Based Capital Working Group on the development of factors for corporate bonds in the RBC formula.    (April 6, 2013)
Final recommendation to the NAIC's Long-Term Care Actuarial Working Group that a long-term care valuation table is not feasible at this time due to lack of quality data.  (April 5, 2013)
Individual Disability Table Work Group update to the NAIC's Health Actaurial Task Force on the progress of the valuation table and requesting volunteers from the task force to join the work group. (April 5, 2013)
Aggregate Margin Task Force update to the Life Actuarial Task Force on the development of aggregate margins to replace the current individual margins for use in VM-20. (April 4, 2013)
Life Experience Subgroup update to the Life Actuarial Task Force of studies on the 2014 Valuation Basic Table and Guaranteed Issue/Simplified Issue Mortality Tables. (April 4, 2013)
Presentation to National Conference of Insurance Legislators regarding the Implementation and Review process of Principle-based Reserves.  (March 8, 2013)
Slides providing information on the relationship between Medicare provider payment rates and those for private insurance, which is important for understanding how any changes in Medicare provider payment rates could affect private plans. (February 21, 2013)
Presentation at the NAIC Senior Issues Task Force Long-Term Care hearing at the 2012 Fall National Meeting on actuarial implications for long-term care insurance. (December 6, 2012)
Slides from the November 27, 2012 Social Security webinar discussing the assumptions used to evaluate Social Security’s financial condition, and providing an overview of the actuarial status of Social Security based on the 2012 Trustees report. The audio of the presentation is available here. (November 27, 2012)
Nonforfeiture Modernization Work Group Guaranteed Nonforfeiture Basis Factor presentation of its report to the Life Actuarial Task Force at the NAIC Fall 2012 National Meeting. (November 27, 2012)

Deposit Fund Subgroup presentation for reserving synthetic guaranteed investment contracts presented to the Life Actuarial Task Force at the NAIC Fall 2012 National Meeting. 

(November 27, 2012)
Life Reserves Work Group presentation on background of VM-20 Asset Default Methodology and Development Process to the Life Actuarial Task Force at the NAIC Fall 2012 National Meeting. (November 27, 2012)
Presentation to the 2012 NCOIL Annual Meeting on implications for states regarding their Affordable Care Act-related Medicaid expansion decisions.  (November 26, 2012)