Public Policy Papers

Multiemployer Plans Task Force analysis of the multiemployer plan provisions included in current pension funding reform legislation. (November 7, 2005)
Health Practice Council backgrounder on issues that should be considered in efforts to design a government-sponsored medical reinsurance program. (September 30, 2005)
Pension Committee analysis, updated from 2003, of retirement savings proposals from the Bush administration. (August 1, 2005)
Pension Committee analysis of retirement savings proposals from the Bush administration.
(August 1, 2005)
Pension Committee analysis of pension funding reform proposal released by Bush administration and that analysis later presented to a House Ways and Means subcommittee. (March 8, 2005)
Pension Committee fact sheet examining credit balance options for defined benefit pension funding reform. (March 1, 2005)
Pension Practice Council and Pension Committee analysis of pension funding reform for single-employer pension plans. (February 1, 2005)
Pension Committee policy paper analysis of current funding and accounting fundamentals for
private-sector pension plans. (July 16, 2004)
"The Questions Candidates Should Answer About ... Americans Without Health Insurance" (An Election 2004 Guide to Analyzing the Issues). (March 1, 2004)
This 2004 election guide for journalists, policy-makers and citizens to use as they evaluate the candidates’ Medicare proposals. It summarizes several Medicare issues and suggests questions that should be considered when analyzing any proposed changes to the Medicare program. (March 1, 2004)
Pension Committee summary of a draft paper on principles for revising pension funding rules. (February 1, 2004)
Defined Contribution Health Plan Work Group monograph providing an actuarial model to illustrate the impact of CDHPs on health costs. The monograph examines the theoretical impact of a shift to CDHPs on the various health care system participants. (January 31, 2004)
Pension Committee paper that discusses the reasons why Congress should alter the discount rate calculation for determining lump-sums given historically low interest rates and provides information on possible transition rules for such a change. (June 17, 2003)
Health Practice Council white paper addressing issues for consideration in the debate over a prescription drug program under Medicare. (April 30, 2003)
Terrorism/Extreme Events Work Group monograph examining the impact of catastrophic terrorist events on group and health coverage, including medical benefits and non-medical benefits such as group life, disability, and long-term care. (December 2, 2002)
Extreme Events Committee monograph addressing terrorism-risk insurance coverage in the aftermath of September 11th. (May 1, 2002)
EEOC-ADEA and Retiree Health Work Group outline of six possible methods for addressing the ruling in Erie County Retirees Association vs. Erie County. (April 11, 2002)
Retiree Health Work Group outline of six possible approaches that could be used as “safe harbor” methods for meeting nondiscrimination-testing requirements under EEOC guidelines for retiree health care plans. (April 11, 2002)
Mass Tort Work Group overview of asbestos issues and trends. (December 1, 2001)
Catastrophe Management Work Group monograph on insurance industry catastrophe management practices. (June 1, 2001)
Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (COLIFR) report on its GAAP survey.
(April 2, 2001)
Life Insurance Financial Reporting Committee comments on the New York State Insurance Department's draft survey about VAGLBs. (January 24, 2001)
Health Organization Risk Based Capital Task Force's March 2000 progress report to the NAIC on LTC model regulation. (August 14, 2000)
Medicare Reform Task Force monograph on one option available to provide prescription drug coverage to seniors – adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare. (July 3, 2000)
Medicare Reform Task Force monograph on how Medicare solvency is measured and several proposals to strengthen the financial basis of the program. (July 1, 2000)