Public Policy Papers

A public policy monograph that analyzes proposals to address Social Security’s financial challenges. (March 3, 2014)
Academy policy paper on the benefits of raising Social Security’s retirement age to help solve the program’s long-term financial problems. (February 26, 2014)
Public Policy Monograph that introduces the foundational principles needed to examine retirement plans and policy proposals designed to provide a secure and sufficient retirement. (January 17, 2014)
Health Practice Council fact sheet providing and overview of the three risk-sharing mechanisms included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - the permanent risk-adjustment program, temporary risk corridors, and the transitional reinsurance program. (December 4, 2013)
Health Practice Financial Reporting Committee white paper providing an overview of provisions in the Affordable Care Act - the premium-stabilization programs, new taxes and fees, advanced payments, and existing actuarial liabilities - that may create a certain amount of volatility on future financial statements. (June 25, 2013)
Discussion paper by the Lifetime Income Risk Joint Task Force that examines the importance of a secure income that lasts an entire lifetime. (June 19, 2013)
Report on the results of a survey of modeling efficiency techniques among U.S. life insurers in 2012. (April 18, 2013)
Issue guide on Medicare premium support and the potential implications of shifting Medicare to a premium support program. (February 11, 2013)
Update of a June 2011 fact sheet by the Health Care Quality Work Group providing an overview of the Medicare Shared Savings Program and the Pioneer ACO program. (December 19, 2012)
Issue guide on Social Security to help evaluate Social Security reform proposals. (December 17, 2012)
Solvency Committee response to an NAIC Solvency Modernization Initiative Task Force request to outline methods of measuring regulatory financial success in the U.S. insurance financial regulatory system. (November 16, 2012)
This report is the product of Phase I of a multi-phase project commissioned by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Society of Actuaries, and the American Academy of Actuaries' Property/Casualty Extreme Events Committee and prepared by Solterra Solutions, with input from the CAS's Climate Index Working Group. With this project, the actuarial organizations are responding to the emerging risk of climate change by collaborating to recommend, support, and perform research on climate change and assess the potential risk management implications for the insurance industry. (October 31, 2012)
Guide to help voters understand what premium support is and the potential implications of shifting Medicare to a premium support program. (October 9, 2012)
Decision brief highlighting some of the issues that federal and state policymakers and regulators should consider as they are making their Medicaid expansion decisions. (September 10, 2012)
Voter guide to help explain why broad participation is necessary in the health insurance system to avoid higher premiums. (June 28, 2012)
Joint Academy/SOA research brief on risk-mitigation programs under the Affordable Care Act appear to reduce financial risks to health plans but overly restrictive limitations on premium rate increases can lead to high federal risk-corridor payments. (June 4, 2012)
Actuarial Soundness Task Force special report regarding the terms “actuarial soundness” and “actuarially sound” to assist in providing the profession and the general public with specific direction on the use of these terms. (May 10, 2012)
Voter guide on Social Security to help explain Social Security reform proposals during this election year. (May 7, 2012)
Voter guide on Medicare to help explain the essential components of the program. (April 23, 2012)
International Accounting Standards Task Force discussion paper on approaches to setting the discount rate for valuation of insurance contracts drafted by December 2011. (December 19, 2011)
Tax Work Group discussion paper regarding tax implications for structuring new commissioners’ mortality tables to include the extra mortality risk of business not subject to full underwriting. (December 14, 2011)
Tax Work Group discussion paper to the Life Actuarial Task Force and the American Council of Life Insurers regarding tax implications for structuring new commissioners’ mortality tables to include the extra mortality risk of business not subject to full underwriting. (December 7, 2011)
International Accounting Standards Task Force’s white paper on the topic “What Belongs in Other Comprehensive Income” and “How Would You Calculate It?” with respect to insurance contracts. (December 6, 2011)
The Risk Classification Work Group published “On Risk Classification” an update to the 1980 “Risk Classification Statement of Principles”. This monograph is intended to provide actuaries and other interested parties with an in-depth but accessible discussion of the concepts underlying risk classification as it is applied in all actuarial practice areas. (November 15, 2011)
Nonforfeiture Modernization Work Group's Nonforfeiture Improvement Report that makes certain recommendations with respect to life insurance and annuity nonforfeiture mandates and sets forth certain items for further discussion. (August 1, 2011)