The minimum statutory reserve standard for all life and annuity products.

Life Reserves Work Group report on modeling principle-based reserves for 20-year level premium term insurance. (March 1, 2006)
Life Reserves Work Group comments on a New York principle-based reserve memo. (March 1, 2006)
Consistency Work Group report to LHATF defining the principles in the principle-based approach. (March 1, 2006)

Project timeline by Academy/SOA Preferred Mortality Project Oversight Group.

(February 2, 2006)
Life Practice Note Steering Committee practice note intended to provide guidance to actuaries dealing with the implementation of the new risk-based capital and reserving requirements for Variable Annuities, C-3 Phase II and Actuarial Guideline VACARVM. (September 1, 2005)
Comments from the Life Liquidity Work Group on the New York Insurance Department's Circular Letter XX. (January 10, 2002)
Equity Indexed Universal Life Work Group report to Life and Health Actuarial Task Force of the NAIC on Actuarial Guideline ZZZZ. (October 4, 1999)
Committee on State Life Insurance Issues practice note divided into two sections, statutory reserve and accounting requirments, and asset adequacy analysis considerations. (July 23, 1999)
Model efficiency research and education
The Academy's Model Efficiency Work Group is actively promoting and assembling research reports on various techniques to make complex modeling demands more manageable. You can help us by contributing to our research! ()
Life Reserves Work Group presentation to the NAIC's Life Actuarial (A) Task Force on deterministic reserve considerations for indexed universal life (UL) under VM-20. ()